Chanel’s Big Difference!!!

"Chanel Collection des Metiers d'Art 2016/17 : Paris Cosmopolite"  : Show At Hotel Ritz

Last week, one breath away from Christmas, creative fashion designers choose to impress us with some priceless wardrobe must haves and so, so, so many different style choices. Chanel‘s extraordinary fashion show (once again!!! <3) “Paris Cosmopolite 2016-17 Metier D’art show at the Continue reading “Chanel’s Big Difference!!!”


Gigi’s & Kendall’s “offensive marketing!” dedicated!


Thriving in the famous designers catwalks! Having the main role in every Magazine! Starring in every place on earth! Well, well Known all around the globe. The most famous girls on the planet are everywhere, anywhere, anytime and they are always stunning! Continue reading “Gigi’s & Kendall’s “offensive marketing!” dedicated!”