Spring-Like Wardrobe! Is already here!

We have already seen the best Spring and Summer trends in fashion weeks and catwalks, launched from the best of their kind designers. We felt jealous, desperate and of course we want them all!¬†Floral, colorful, shining patterns, fabrics and designs will blow your mind. Playful red and girly pink, cheerful yellow and spirited green, stripes, dots and summer sequins are the best choices for summer … Continue reading Spring-Like Wardrobe! Is already here!

Chanel’s sleepless nights!Printemps ’17

HAUTE COUTURE – PRINTEMPS E’TE’ 2017 From the totally mirror_ effect_ floor, the aluminum out of space scenery, the perfect team work and the sleepless unstopable creative nights, Karl, once again left us mouth agape! As always, i have no words to describe the masterpiece!So, i am giving you the videos to enjoy! Wach below the story of the show, the details, the making off … Continue reading Chanel’s sleepless nights!Printemps ’17