Barbeque Lentil Soup, it is all about cooking!!!!

Hello everyone! I am quite sure you are not attracted that much from the basic ingredient!! But, It is all about the way you cook something! Every ingredient, has its own peculiarity and taste, which usually depends on disposition. Every recipe is different and every taste is unique. So as the mouthwatering – healthy – low caloried plate you gonna cook today, by following my … Continue reading Barbeque Lentil Soup, it is all about cooking!!!!

“Future is Served”


There are those long tiring days at work and when you’re tired, food is a difficult affair. You want the most relaxing (cooking) activity or even, no activity at all! You probably want to have delicious home made food but you don’t know to cook. Eat enough to provide your body with the energy you lost, is what you dream of right now, but your time is limited and you need some refreshing sleep the sooner the better! In other words, no time to waste, especially in experimenting yourself with cooking! Well, i have good news for you, as the future is here and an innovative new domestic kitchen, actually the world’s first robotic kitchen is ready! Lucky you!

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