“Please Mind the World_Gap”

Pretty, good morning all around the world! Today is a gorgeous day out there and the whole universe colluded to fulfill our lives with three goods! Great attitude (mornings included!),  all the things you need to feel free this morning and a complete info guide about what is happening all around the world! ME! (lol). I am kidding of course but I will give you a small taste of today’s discoveries. Actually discoveries amazed me after today’s readings! Trigger your positive feedback loops, counteract your adaptions, express gratitude, chose things that make you feel nicer and happier and of course once again, enjoy my post to avoid the world_gaps and keep yourself always informed! 😉
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“Google takes care of our health and silhouette”

22096388_phone_food_1024_1434969274072.limghandlerRapid application development (RAD) is a software development methodology that uses minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping. A prototype is a working model that is functionally equivalent to a component of the product. Based on our daily life, focused on our easier life, prototype to have the more downloads it could possibly be. Google once again surprises us with this smart app named Im2Calories which  promises to take care of our silhouette. How? by Continue reading ““Google takes care of our health and silhouette””

“Future is Served”


There are those long tiring days at work and when you’re tired, food is a difficult affair. You want the most relaxing (cooking) activity or even, no activity at all! You probably want to have delicious home made food but you don’t know to cook. Eat enough to provide your body with the energy you lost, is what you dream of right now, but your time is limited and you need some refreshing sleep the sooner the better! In other words, no time to waste, especially in experimenting yourself with cooking! Well, i have good news for you, as the future is here and an innovative new domestic kitchen, actually the world’s first robotic kitchen is ready! Lucky you!

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“Google it” Dedicated


Years ago, actually not that many, nobody could ever believe that two school guys would have had the ultimate idea to create a search engine, a treasure – trove of information, smart and multitask, which would, one day include the whole humanity! Not even them! But now, glad we are, we can share knowledge through almost everywhere! We can gain knowledge in every corner of this planet. Continue reading ““Google it” Dedicated”

“Future Glass Reality”

a day made of glass.png

Last semester in the field of computer science, i asked my students to give me their imagination’s future world picture. Some of them draw space cars, utensils and weird kitchen range, some draw air roads while others draw me “driver-less” public transportations something we’ve already seen in a city of Greece and Heathrow airport the last few months. To be honest Continue reading ““Future Glass Reality””