Panic Attacks, Fear, Numbness. This is all about stress!

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Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well – being. It helps us determine how we handle stress and it is important at every stage of life. It is affected by numerous factors from our daily life. The different types of Continue reading “Panic Attacks, Fear, Numbness. This is all about stress!”

“This Night Before Christmas”

Silent night… cold but so warm, sad but so joyful… This magic.. this feeling, the spirit of the night! Christmas is the best period of the year and what else than family moments, fireplace’s light, warm blankets and hot chocolate. Somewhere out there, there is someone for everyone. Someone who is thinking of you and maybe you have no idea about it! For those thinkers, … Continue reading “This Night Before Christmas”

When everything goes right, go left.

It is about these moments in your life, when everything appears to be going wrong. 😦 Yeap, we are humans and yeap, those bad_ mood, waking up mornings, unfortunately exist, for everyone! Keeping your chin up is not as easy as it has to and you need to seek the inspiration from someone, something or somewhere, in order to emerge victorious. Three quotes are more … Continue reading When everything goes right, go left.