Homemade, Natural, Chemicals & Paraben Free, Anti-Inflammatory, Treats Eczema, Skin Whitening, Anti – Oxidant, Prevents Irritation and Clogging Pores, Without Side – Effects, Reduces Pimples and¬† Blackheads and it contains high level of Anti – Microbial Ingredients which can destroy the bacteria that cause acne. Do You want more? I got it! ūüėČ Continue reading “OATMEAL – ACNE- FACE & BODY MASK! Homemade!!”

Panic Attacks, Fear, Numbness. This is all about stress!

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Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well – being. It helps us determine how we handle stress and it is important at every stage of life. It is affected by numerous factors from our daily life. The different types of Continue reading “Panic Attacks, Fear, Numbness. This is all about stress!”

The “plate diet”

From Greece with love ‚̧


Have a nice month my loves! Today is the day to goodbye winter and welcome spring! Great weather, positive¬†attitude and the¬†biggest smile, motivates us¬†to do things and accomplish goals. Our next goal is, our new thin silhouette! I know you don’t like to count your portions but now i have the best solution for you, named “plate diet”.

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“Google takes care of our health and silhouette”

22096388_phone_food_1024_1434969274072.limghandlerRapid application development (RAD) is a software development¬†methodology that uses minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping. A prototype is a working model that is functionally equivalent to a component of the product. Based on our daily life, focused on our easier life, prototype to have the more downloads it could possibly be. Google once again surprises us with this smart app named Im2Calories which ¬†promises to take care of our silhouette. How? by Continue reading ““Google takes care of our health and silhouette””