Hello my ladies! Its been a long time since you haven’t heard from me, but I am here to saw you what is going on and what are we gonna wear this Fall!  😉 This time, fashion asrtists, loved the “natural”, “physical” Continue reading “GET READY TO “FALL” OUT OF THE ORDINARY!”

Chanel’s sleepless nights!Printemps ’17

HAUTE COUTURE – PRINTEMPS E’TE’ 2017 From the totally mirror_ effect_ floor, the aluminum out of space scenery, the perfect team work and the sleepless unstopable creative nights, Karl, once again left us mouth agape! As always, i have no words to describe the masterpiece!So, i am giving you the videos to enjoy! Wach below the story of the show, the details, the making off … Continue reading Chanel’s sleepless nights!Printemps ’17

Catwalk 2017 Report!Runway mania Spring ’17

This upcoming Spring will be so, so, so interesting and its going to look a lil different from what we know! Blue Jean queens, boyfriend chic, pink and rose colours, wanderlust and floral, airy white and c-thru, athletic gear, 80’s shine and strong shoulders are the best choices and you are the first, informed and always in fashion! enjoy them all 😉 Feny ❤   … Continue reading Catwalk 2017 Report!Runway mania Spring ’17

Autumn -Fall trends ’16-’17″αλα Ελληνικά” και ξέρετε γιατί? Γιατί Φοβάμαι!!!

Ναι, αυτό το Post είναι διαφορετικό από όλα τα προηγούμενα! Ναι, δεν έκανα δεύτερες σκέψεις για την επιλογή της γλώσσας, απλά το είχα δεδομένο από την αρχή! Και τρίτο Continue reading “Autumn -Fall trends ’16-’17″αλα Ελληνικά” και ξέρετε γιατί? Γιατί Φοβάμαι!!!”