Homemade, Natural, Chemicals & Paraben Free, Anti-Inflammatory, Treats Eczema, Skin Whitening, Anti – Oxidant, Prevents Irritation and Clogging Pores, Without Side – Effects, Reduces Pimples and¬† Blackheads and it contains high level of Anti – Microbial Ingredients which can destroy the bacteria that cause acne. Do You want more? I got it! ūüėČ Continue reading “OATMEAL – ACNE- FACE & BODY MASK! Homemade!!”

The Ultimate, Homemade Hair Mask! “for strooooong hair”

Dry or damaged hair? We all have our unique hair type. Especially during different weather conditions it can really get out of control. Hair treatments, helps our hair looks its best! If you are looking for the best way to restore your hair lost moisture, without chemical intervention you better try the ultimate, absolutely natural product, hidding up there (or down there), in your cupboard! … Continue reading The Ultimate, Homemade Hair Mask! “for strooooong hair”

“Make up” in Ancient world, which one typifies your personality?

Discrete make up, natural tones, sunny faces, fruity lips, shinning eyelashes, perfect shaped and colored limbs and¬†smoothy skin. Characteristics of the ancient femina¬†who loved to¬†enhance her¬†beauty. Flower nuts and roots has the magic blush color for every pale¬† Continue reading ““Make up” in Ancient world, which one typifies your personality?”

Dedicated to your face, No more spots & acne

meli_kai_kanela-649x300Your face is unique, do you really know that your kitchen has the very solution for your soul’s mirror? Here is my first secret¬†only for you!!


We used to feel that ugly, while acne scars or spots are over there and they never leave. Or when our face skin seems tired and dull. No more!! I have some great news for you and the solution whispers¬†from your kitchen’s pantry! I am sure you love it and you used to eat it in your early teen age with a spoon (actually we need it too). Continue reading “Dedicated to your face, No more spots & acne”