Feny’s Monthly Closet Nov’ – 17

Sunday’s thoughts (about the forthcoming week), seem moody, sound gloomy and boring. Especially for tomorrow morning’s emotional state. Feel free to Continue reading “Feny’s Monthly Closet Nov’ – 17”

Feny’s Monthly closet Oct’ -17

This October is strange, hot and cold, sweet and hard, sunny and cloudy, but our mood is not affected by those shifts and we need our best office attire to shine.  Colorful choices, beautiful, sexy pieces and interesting working days! Enjoy them all! Feny ❤ Interesting Monday’s meetings Strict Tuesdays Mid week choices Thursday’s Trousers Casual Fridays   Continue reading Feny’s Monthly closet Oct’ -17

Feny’s Monthly Closet “Apr-17”

If you’ve noticed a little extra something in your step because of the weather, it’s no coincidence. Warmer days have a direct influence on your mood and behavior. Spring working days are lightful, with a mood boost and happier moments. Every single style for every working day is given below, take a look! Feny 😉 ❤ Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday Continue reading Feny’s Monthly Closet “Apr-17”

Feny’s Monthly Closet “Mar -17”

Spring is nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party” Welcome back Spring! We have been waiting for you! Let’s see what to wear and how to welcome the best season of the year! 😉 Welcome March Mondays Sunny Tuesdays Wednesday’s mid week comforts Girly Thursdays Friday’s always casuals Pinterest.com thanx once again! Feny ❤ Continue reading Feny’s Monthly Closet “Mar -17”

Feny’s Monthly Closet “Feb-17”

What about working weeks! As always, i am giving you the best monthly solutions ever and i am making your life easier, more sylish and no more, what to wear worries! I hope i am helping! Enjoy them all! Feny ❤ Fresh Mondays Never Pressured Tuesdays Wednesdays,  Stylish Middle Week’s Attire Fabulous Thursdays Friday’s Always Casuals Continue reading Feny’s Monthly Closet “Feb-17”