Homemade Protein-Chicken-Oat-Wings!!!

I know you are chicken lovers! So do I!!! Tonight I have this special recipe for you, easy, quick and with time-less effort, to eat healthy, gain some more protein and taste it even for dinner! ūüėČ Do you have any better choice?? Naaa!!!! :*

What we need:

6 Chicken wings

2 eggs

3 tablespoon Clean Oats

3 tablespoon breadcrumbs

Olive oil



1.Wings must be dry and thawed.



2.Compine oats, breadcrumbs, sault, pepper.

3.Prepare the eggs in a different plate (omellette -like).


4.Pan – High temperature- Olive oil


5. Give a swim to the wings into the egg, then to the oat- breadcrumbs mixture and put it into the burning olive oil! Bake it until cooked through and when it becomes crispy, it is ready!!!


It is Fried I know, but the oil is fresh and from olives! Which means super healthy and nutritious!!!

Taste it now and send me your pics!!! Here comes mine!!!!

Feny ‚̧



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