Barbeque Lentil Soup, it is all about cooking!!!!

Hello everyone!

I am quite sure you are not attracted that much from the basic ingredient!! But, It is all about the way you cook something! Every ingredient, has its own peculiarity and taste, which usually depends on disposition. Every recipe is different and every taste is unique. So as the mouthwatering – healthy – low caloried plate you gonna cook today, by following my advice! Take a look, try it by yourself, introduce it as “The new Barbeque soup” and inform me for the results! Usually, with this recipe, the pot, is almost eaten too!!! lol 🙂

Trust me 😉


You will need:

1 cup brown washed and drained Lentils (for 4 portions)

1 medium onion

4 tablespoons olive oil (extra vergin)

1 teaspoon sault

3/4 teaspoon black pepper

3/4 teaspoon smoked barbeque or paprica powder (mandatory)

1 laurel leaf (mandatory)

2 cups steal water (or 4, if you want it more soup-like)

1 tablespoon tomato sauce

Cooking Process:

Saucepan on fire and you need to give some extra taste to your plate!

The magic tip, is to use the olive oil first! Put the lentiles with the choped onion into the burning oil and mix well. Add the sault, the pepper and the barbeque or paprica powder, mix a lil bit more. Mix for one minute. Next comes the tomatoe sauce, the water and the laurel leaf. Let it boil for 45′ minutes but remember to check and mix often. If you want it porridge – like, turn down the temperature, take the laurel leaf out (as the more it stays the more it embitters your soup) and wait for 10′ more minutes.

Voila! Nutritious, full of protein, Healthy, Mediterranean and low caloried!!! Enjoy it! ❤


Feny 😉

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