What’s the deal…

It’s been a long time. I know. But since then, the world have turned upside down. Seriously… changes, happenings, sad moments, more sad moments, some great news and again… back to reality… ups and downs are the meaning of life… weird or not we have to accept this situation. What comes around goes around and what falls, it stands again. Imagine dragons all around you, it might be frustrating. If they’re not dragons for real and they donot trully exist… I think you have to got  covered by your conscious mind. And first of all breatheeee to clean your mind for a sec. This is a wonderful world. It’s ours, but we have to adopt the reality. A bit difficult, I know..  But we kind of have to…There are some days when you wake up and no power moves your body to start this great day with energy and motivation… you just want to stay there for ever. Breathless or better to say, unconscious..  reality hurts. And life is difficult but you cannot quit yourself. Maybe you can.. But what would you prefer..  A day in front of stupid Tv or two days at work? Definetelly I chose work!!! Human relationships is the missing point. If we are not capable of communicating and we cannot give five seconds to listen to somebody, how the heck are we gonna listen to our selves? And on the other hand if we prefer to avoid our inner thoughts and self conversations.. how can we socialize.. Or how can we ask for attention.. If we don’t respect ourselves.. Don’t you know how beautiful you are? Don’t you know that you love yourself and you kinda have to,  in order to be loved? Facing bullying, harassment and jealousy, is a part of the living process. But the way you treat this situation is the real point. Every day is difficult. But we deside how heavy it is and how much it affects our daily lives. Take the second deep breath for today, wear the best of your smile and meet the most humorical part of yourself.. you will survive another day.. for sure.. .



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