Inventions from the future…

Food for Thought,

Wonders of the day oscillate between today and tomorrow… Or just tomorrow and … tomorrow…. :/  Recently our conversation about what is coming next, from the industry, the enginnering and innovation fields, some of “the parties involved” to the conversation, believe that one day, there will be no more to invent, as everything is almost invented! In my opinion, human creativity never ends, human intelligence is something magical and knowledge will never stop giving us the needed equipment to thrive!


For many of us, technology is something that came into our lives randomly and indolently, but humans are the most adaptive plus flexible spieces and the evolution of the brain is the best example of how we evolve to adapt. 😮 Furthermore, there are two human characteristics – key advantages, our essentially social brains and our capacity to culture! (Nathanael Massey). The Variability Selection Hypothesis (1) and the Social Brain Hypothesis (2) analyzing the fact that humans evolved big brains in response to the social challenges.


According to researches on “why human brains shrinking while we (modern humans) are so smart”, some authorities argue that as the brain shrank we become more efficient, while others believe that the erosion of our brain is making us dumber (3). On the other hand, every day, there are so many improvements that nobody could doubt and what comes next is the biggest evidence of how poweful the human brain is. Unbelievable machines, epic inventions and discoveries, for so many years blew our minds and the sequel is so much – more attractive! Floating Farms, coffee-powered cars and many many more, incredible innovations, will shape our future. Take a look of what comes next (in a while) and feed your brain!

1. Say Goodbye to your mobile -phone charger!

2. Cicret Bracelet will blow your mind!!!!! And i want it NOW!!!

3. Five smart inventions in the row

4. Meet the best hand-less washing device

5.  Vago, the wireless vacuum storage for more suitcase space!


To be continued…. 😉

Feny 😉 ❤





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