Bad news from world’s “elsewhere”

Good evening all around the world.

Today the mood requires calmness, self – control, indolent moves or not movements at all, just some relaxation and chill out music. In the middle of a tiring week you need a thirty minute break, to take a look of something aloof without thinking, without meaning or maybe with a reality dose or reality’s overdose!

No, this evening I am not drunk, I just red some world news and I decided to remain silent for thirty minutes and on the other hand, the second thought was to give you all those that destroyed my day. You will understand why I prefer not to frequently update my conscious mind with the everyday’s world news! You could describe it as the wastepaper of the day… indeed!! :/ Feny

Given Headlines based on the most famous world news sites.

  1. Bad omen or opening bid? Brexit sparring begins with tales of delusion and disaster
  2. More than 50 miners trapped in explosion in Iran, some feared dead
  3. Victim of Yemen’s war: the death of Jamila, aged 7

Chechnya’s police tell parents to ‘kill gay children’ as anti-gay purge worsens

Three U.S. Soldiers Injured in Deadly ISIS-Claimed Suicide Bomb

New crack in Antarctic ice shelf with iceberg already ‘hanging by a thread’


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