“Edible Water Bubbles” Is this the End to plastic bottles?

One trillion plastic bags are used and discarded every year. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 380 billion plastic bags, sacks and wraps are consumed in the U.S. each year. The Wall Street Journal describes that U.S. goes through 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually and the average family accumulates 60 plastic bags in only four trips to the grocery store.  A 2013 report by the OECD said, Australia was losing the recycling race as the rate of recycling sat at 41%. Germany, which topped the list, recycled 65% of its total municipal waste, followed by South Korea at 59%. USA use 100 billion plastic bags annually from which only 23% been recycled. 50 billion plastic water bottles used by Americans last year, four out of five grocery bags in the US are plastic and worldwide, we recycle only one out of two-hundred we use!!!! 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. In Europe things are better. Germany recycles 98.5% of plastic packaging while Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, UK and Ireland are to the top of the recycling and composting list.


Plastic is harmful for the environment and the individuals. Plastic pollution is known for its affects to the land, the surface, the wildlife, the wildlife habitat, waterways, oceans, animals and of course humans.


Latelly, an innovative sustainable packaging start-up based in London, UK create the Ooho!!!!! No, it is not a glue type! Maybe it is the revolution to the plastic bottle disappearance! The Ooho bubbles, are created by encasing a blob of drinking water within an edible membrane made from a natural seaweed extract. Nothing goes to waste, and the product will fully biodegrade in 4-6 weeks if left unconsumed!!!!


Engineering graduates from RCA and Imperial College London, been working hard to make their dream a reality and their ground breaking concept first introduced in 2013. The biodegradable sachets — or Ooho are made of seaweed extract. That means, you can either tear a small hole into the clear covering for a few hydrating sips, or you can plop one in your mouth and eat the covering for an instant fix. It can be fully swallowed and digested, as well as hydrating people in the same way as drinking water. To create the balls, a block of ice is dipped in a solution of calcium chloride and brown algae, and the membrane forms around it. A layer can be peeled off to keep the exterior clean for consumption. Each orb costs only 2 cents to construct!!! Crossed fingers, thumbs up and mood status: “optimistic” for this revolutionary future product! 🙂

You can follow the oohowater page on instagram for more details and instant news or you can check out the video bellow. Feny 😉






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