Why Spring Affects Our Mood

Spring seemed to be the best period of the year, while trees and bushes begin to grow new leaves and flowers. The temperature of the air and soil starts to warm up and daylight hours get longer. This season opens the mind, the heart, peak mood occured and our psychology benefits our lives. Why? Watch below. 🙂

αρχείο λήψης

  1. Warm weather, helps us to spend more time outdoors. Exercising, walking, shopping, every action is more pleasant and noone wants to stay home.
  2. Sun is shining longer and days are getting warmer, so this is by itself the best reason for a great mood.
  3. Socialising outdoors can reset your mindset. Mathew Keller explains that being outside at this warm period in relation with how much time you spend outdoors, makes you feel great, improves your mood and memory.
  4. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) leaves with the first sun light rays, mood revs up and makes us more mentally sharp and open-minded. Don’t forget Robin Williams words, spring is nature’s way of saying “let’s party” to the brain!!!
  5. All you need is a light jacket which makes you feel comfortable as its not too cold and not too hot.


Pleasant weather improves mood and broadens cognition in the spring because people have been deprived of such weather during the winter. As Spring is officially here and the spring event matched by the autumnal equinox two days ago, its time to boost our self esteem by doing things we enjoy, by celebrating even the small stuff and always in a positive way of thinking. ❤

Feny 😉



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