Seek Respect – Prevent Bullying

Hello everyone,

We know life is wonderful, we know how beautiful everyone is and how unique you trully are. The point is, if you know your right to be respected. If others, know that everybody deserves respect and how to seek respect from othes, not only attention.  


Being teenagers, we remember numerous bullying cases. Usually they are unforgetable real stories and some of them, never spit out words. Digging into your brain, you will surely remember a case of a bullying story, happened to you or to a friend as a child, or maybe as an adult too. I remember one personal repeated case as a senior in high school. It was a four girl team, named “the nerds” who used to believe they were -apart from excel at school lessons- the nonpareil girl squad to the history of inferiority complex. Think that I was almost two head taller than them, but their acts, not that much their sayings, hurted me repeatedly. I usually found my teacher’s school things (pencils, rubbers, pens, personal diary) in my school bag, in order to adopt the fame of the thief. Not to mention wet chairs, or not chairs at all for me in classroom, teasing and taunt. And this stupid behavior seemed funny to them… In the beggining I was absent from class, but soon I couldn’t hide my absence as my parents have been informed by the teacher.

And the problems prolonged and my behavior changed.. I just decided to ignore them, but I never said a word to anyone. This was the biggest mistake I ever did as a child! Because, almost 20 years later, I discussed that with my mother who became mad and told me that I should have told her what was happening. I was afraid, I was a coward, I was threatened not to talk, or whatever, I can’t remember why I never mentioned that. But I never did. 😦


Now, years later I don’t feel anything about them, nothing at all, maybe because of how important I became for me in my life. Maybe now I could give them the stare of “you know how pathetic you were”  but who cares anymore. The only think I regret is that I should have talked and I didn’t.

I was (and of course now I am) strong enough, to defend myself and get over it, because they weren’t better, or something important as they thought, so the end was happy for me. But on the other hand I wasn’t that talkative to take care of this situation by speaking to my teacher, my mom, a friend or whoever I felt closer in order to rectify any situation. :/

As a teacher in Greece,  I always advice my students to talk. To be careful, to think twice and be sure with whom they believe they are talking. Noone is different or better than you and everyone have the right to be respected. Bullying nowadays, has many aspects. Some times with a tragic end. Real stories, shocking stories, usually untold stories. Please guys. Speak! No one has the permission to close your mouth. No one have the right to decide for you. Remember to be careful especially with cyber chat, facebook friends and avoid blind meetings. Inform your parents, brothers, sisters, friends or whoever can be trusted. Remember that the internet is the best information guide have ever invented, it became a friend-finder-machine (!) and some friendship relationships via the internet are great. But you have to be smart. You must think clever and when something is not normal or shady,  POST IT!! It is quick and easy.

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Feny 🙂 ❤


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