The Ultimate, Homemade Hair Mask! “for strooooong hair”

Dry or damaged hair?

We all have our unique hair type. Especially during different weather conditions it can really get out of control. Hair treatments, helps our hair looks its best! If you are looking for the best way to restore your hair lost moisture, without chemical intervention you better try the ultimate, absolutely natural product, hidding up there (or down there), in your cupboard! Credits to olive oil! the best moisturizing natural product! 🙂


The instructions are simple! Take an empty bottle of water (a small one) and mix half a water glass of extra vergin olive oil with two table spoons honey and half glass of water, milk! In a big pot, boil some water and after switching off the stove, immerse the bottle in it. The mixture must be lukewarm. Damp your hair with the mixture emphasizing the most damaged clumps. Cover your head with a hot towel (ironing is a good choice) and leave it on for 60′ minutes. Apart from moisture effect, it reduces hair fall and it helps the painted damaged hair to repair.


DON’T FORGET to use the sampoo first before the water! The oppposite process captures the oiliness and you will need three to four shampooing to wash it out!

As i allready told you, i usually try everything i rcommend on me, as i want to be sure for its effectiveness ❤ So this hair mask is the best homemade tip for your precious hair! Actually, for mine too! Try it on and see the difference!

Feny 😉


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