Chanel’s Big Difference!!!

"Chanel Collection des Metiers d'Art 2016/17 : Paris Cosmopolite"  : Show At Hotel Ritz

Last week, one breath away from Christmas, creative fashion designers choose to impress us with some priceless wardrobe must haves and so, so, so many different style choices. Chanel‘s extraordinary fashion show (once again!!! <3) “Paris Cosmopolite 2016-17 Metier D’art show at the Ritz Paris, saws us why to adore their so inspiring job, how to fell in love with their happy and ready-to-wear pieces and those cheerful, full of joy models, while walking in a playful temper, made the HUGE DIFFERENCE in what we’ve seen all those years. ❤ ❤ ❤

Their happy, smiley faces, their positive body language, the colors, the textiles and the fashion show itself was above and beyond what we usually see!! No gloomy faces, no frown expressions but big smiles and beauty tantrum! I may be cynical to say how impressed i am (any time with Chanel) but honestly, i am in love with the whole effort and the team.

Watch below..

Feny 😉


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