When everything goes right, go left.

It is about these moments in your life, when everything appears to be going wrong. 😦 Yeap, we are humans and yeap, those bad_ mood, waking up mornings, unfortunately exist, for everyone! Keeping your chin up is not as easy as it has to and you need to seek the inspiration from someone, something or somewhere, in order to emerge victorious. Three quotes are more than helpful, any time you are lying in bed, flirting with depression, powerless and disappointed.


For me this is the point. To make you feel stronger, fearless and to build confidence. Read this out, try to adopt and just remember, there are always two sides of a story, just because someone tells you one thing doesn’t make it is always the true version.

Convince yourself that:

  1. You can handle this (of course! you know you do! )
  2. Something good will come out of this (moral of the story)
  3. Every little struggle is a step forward (for the next – happier day)


Sometimes life’s rough patches seemed endless but, you know that at the very least you will learn a life lesson. For sure, you can get through it because you are stronger than you imagine. So, remind yourself that whatever is going wrong now, is only a small percentage of your actual life, don’t panic, don’t lash out and don’t try to control what is out of your control! Try making baby steps, keep a positive attitude, treat yourself with love and respect and wear your biggest smile!

The floor is yours

Feny  ❤


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