“Please Mind the World_Gap”

Pretty, good morning all around the world! Today is a gorgeous day out there and the whole universe colluded to fulfill our lives with three goods! Great attitude (mornings included!),  all the things you need to feel free this morning and a complete info guide about what is happening all around the world! ME! (lol). I am kidding of course but I will give you a small taste of today’s discoveries. Actually discoveries amazed me after today’s readings! Trigger your positive feedback loops, counteract your adaptions, express gratitude, chose things that make you feel nicer and happier and of course once again, enjoy my post to avoid the world_gaps and keep yourself always informed! 😉

  1. Charge you phone on SMRT buses using their USB charging ports! Where? Singapore of course! 137 buses, 41 USB charging ports, ports also available at the wheelchair bay on wheelchair-accessible buses, 72 per cent of respondents keen on having USB charging ports in buses. (pretty well done!)bus-charging-port
  2. Gap fillers installed at station platforms! In Singapore once again, installed rubber gap fillers at railway stations, to enter the stations safely without coming into contact with the platform’s edge. I was wondering in what the announcement “please mind the gap between the train and the platform” would become to after this  nel-gap-fillers

  3. New mother 62!  “I always wanted to be a mother again but most medical experts said ‘no’.“Then some years ago I met a gynaecologist who agreed to help me if the tests were okay. They were positive and so he helped me to implant an embryo”. The world’s oldest documented mother is Daljinder Kaur from India, who gave birth last year at the age of 70 after two years of IVF treatment. Good news or not, reins on your horse!trmrmmglpict000102626578o
  4. Driverless busses on trial! 12m-long, can accommodate about 80 passengers, vehicles will also be equipped to charge at a bus stop or depot. A real-time condition monitoring tool that detects early signs of defects in traction power systems will be developed as part of the project. The technology will allow round the clock monitoring, without disrupting normal train operations. Just to mention, that Trikala, a Greek city, launched two years ago driverless buses, covered some 3,500 kilometers since then, carrying 11,302 passengers in the process. 😉 Good job!comp-of-av-robotics-kit1-200x200

We are exactly where we need to be! 

Love you! ❤

For style your muse,

Feny 🙂


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