“Live it on the edge”

source news247.gr

You’ ve seen them through pictures, videos, postcards and some of you maybe have already visited them. The word goes to breathtaking shipwrecks lied in the middle of beautiful bays, surrounded by white cliffs and blue water. UNESCO estimates worldwide over 3 million shipwrecks, some thousands of years old, lie on seabeds. Historic wrecks are attractive to maritime archaeologists because they preserve historical information. Tourists and visitors are just attracted by the spectacle of a shipwreck’s view and its hidden background. Boat trips depart from many points on the islands and make for a memorable, enjoyable day out.

Talking about shipwrecks in Greece we can’t avoid mentioning those notable, in Zakynthos (1980) and Antikythera (1900) islands, Karystos ship (1947), Gramvousa-Chania Crete (1968) and many more in Greek seas, but what really excites us is not just take a boat ride to those breathtaking sightseens, but also from the sky high! Skydiving occured by the “extremers” who live their lives on the edge and for whom, a simple boat ride (or just a ride) was not their desire. What you need is good weather conditions, safe equipment and trainner and a strong will to jump. Take a look and try it by yourself! Why not

Dive safe Feny 😉











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