Golden Nude Stories “Plan A_Nails edition”


I am so, so, so excited every time i have e-mails from you guys, especially when asking things i allready have in mind for my next posts! We communicate and this is pretty cool! Summer is almost here and once again uppon your request, i have the best golden nude season’s trends only for you my loves! Actually i have a plan! Particularly three plans! I will help you get ready for the upcoming wedding ceremony even if you are just a guest. If you are a relative or even a friend you can keep my notes on hand to help the bride, the best woman or whoever needs your help, under the stressful wedding preparation!  As plan A is running below, watch the nail arts included and stay tuned for the “to be continued plans B and C”. I would like to mention that, all those pictures are personal choices and i am making a research through many blogs and sites. Usually pinterest is the most helpful. If you like my posts, don’t forget to like them and follow “styleyourmuse” to receive and never avoid my tips! Love ya all! ❤

Plan A

You want to be stunning at your best friends wedding. And i guarantee you will! I have three plans to remind you of how ready you or her will be that big day!

1st tip! take care of your limbs. Manicure + Pedicure (choose your faves below)

2nd tip! Stunning skin, shining and moisturized, fresh & impressive make up (Plan B next post)

3rd tip!  Beautiful stylish golden nude style (Plan C next post)

….and let the party started… Enjoy!

Manicure ideas

Pedicure Ideas

Until the “Plan B post”! Style your beautiful and stunning muse!!! 

Feny 🙂

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