Golden Nude Stories “Plan B_Skin care & make up”

2nd tip! Stunning skin, shining and moisturized, fresh & impressive make up

Hooded eyes, last year’s ombre lips, natural nude and golden make up are once again, some of the best choices for this summer. Golden and nude are the best shades for summer 2016 and we will see them in many aspects, like clothes, shoes, accessories, make up and lips. It reminds us of our pure teen age. Pink cheeks and natural pink lips, nude_like hues with golden tone finishings are the must dare trends and you gonna love them all! As i promised you three plans of the wedding preparation, in this post you can finf your favorite make up and lip colors, including the best face and body masks for a shining and fresh skin.

Plan B and get ready!

The face mask and the body scrub

In my beauty tips posts there is one article about using some tips to help your skin stay moisturised.  I suggested a homemade sugar body scrub. (a mixture of brown sugar with a few bananas). Use my secret tip to keep on your perfume and smell great all day! The best two face masks for a shining face are homemade once again and here you can find the first one. This face mask would be helpful two to three days earlier. The big day before preparation you will put on the wild rose  instant brightening mask , my favorite product with natural minerals which gives to the face an immediate visible effect.

The golden_nude make up and juicy lips

Until the “Plan C post”! Style your beautiful and stunning muse!!! 



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