CHANEL once again!Havana Cuba 2016!

The Chanel Cruise 2016-2017 Jake Rosenberg

I loved the style, the catwalk, the scenery, the hats, the fresh, airy looks, the atmosphere, the attitude, i loved once again the whole concept! Chanel knows how to impress us, how to make us travel through this stunning, creative imagination! Early 1950’s suiting, vintage inspired, scenery and cars, amazing architecture, exciting dancing finale.

For this first, in many cases show, 

Chanel’s first in Latin America, and, for Cuba, the first time since the Revolution that so many notable people had come from abroad to collectively view a display of what can ultimately be summed up in one word: capitalism. And unlike the Major Lazer and Rolling Stones concerts in March, which were free and open to the public, the Chanel show was a private event.

The only thing i can say, is “Pretty Well Done once again”  and “Feed us more”!!!!!

For Style Your Muse 🙂

Feny ❤

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