Raising a 90’s princess


A “princess” doesn’t appear out of nowhere. Somebody gave her the moral compass to reach out her hand to the needy. Somebody taught her the business principles that made it possible for her to consider a field and buy it. Perhaps most importantly, somebody gave her a sufficiently strong sense of self that made it possible for her to go out and make a huge impact on the world around her. There are some essential virtues to build a pricious character, but what it has to do with her occupation, education and entertainment, based on ethics, nurture, stability, character, initiatives and motivation.

αρχείο λήψης

90’s decade was a tech trip. We experienced two major gaming console wars, welcomed the birth of the digital camera, and even embraced an electronic pet that we nurtured (and neglected) throughout elementary and middle school. The early ninetie’s princess, has the most beautiful and innocent pictures of genuine childhood. If you would ask her which period of her life was her favorite, she can describe you in detail all those moments that you can see today in this post.


The 90’s lil princes witnessed many different changes in her daily life. Clothing quality, toys development and endurance, the first tech changes through technological revolution and many more, which gave her as much experience as needed to her today’s attitude. Children need to have a good mental health status, if they are going to live up to their full potential and truly live a life that is filled with positive experiences and the willingness to do what is best for themselves and the people around them. Well experienced ordinary habits can build an opimistic future. Childhood is about innocence and playfulness, it is about joy and freedom, full of magical, play moments, team games and beautiful memories. If not, this is how it meant to be. There are two things adults should give to children. Roots and wings. Remember, it is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult!

Here are some personal pictures that will give you pure thoughts

Feny ❤

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