Technology = Communication = Knowledge, how to


Usually we prefer to listen rather than read and we are more familiar with the sense of hearing. There are three cognitive impacts investigated to find out the way our minds respond to various forms of reading material. Mind-wondering, memory, and interest. Mohsin Hamid says “technology has compressed and changed the way people read” – but how much has really altered?

Nowadays, people read and learn differently. Information about the world around us comes to us not only by words printed on a piece of paper but more and more through the powerful images and sounds of our multi-media culture. Although mediated messages seem to be self-evident. In truth, they use a complex audio-visual “language” which has its own rules and which can be used to express many-layered concepts and ideas about the world. If we want to see the real world, we need to be fluent in reading and writting. We can build up our concious mind, to be able to destinguish and decide which truth fits us most.


Technology is transforming how human beings acquire knowledge and pass it to one another. What we need to know is how to find and then manage the information needed at a particular time for a particular task. We need to know how to process the information that we can so easily retrieve through technology. Creative classrooms today are ones where everyone is learning, including the teacher! Technology has impacted  the quality of communication and gadgets made communication and knowledge easier.  Anyone can reach any corner of world within a second and knowledge is everywhere. But we lack of motivation and enthusiasm. Weak desire, fear of failure, no interest, procrastination habit, stress, laziness or shyness? No matter what,  you have to find a way to motivate yourself and stop blame others. Even if you prefer listening than reading or writing, there are so many ways to learn. Just choose one and start today. Every small piece of knowledge, whatever it is, it helps you build the “who you really are”.


Adopt 5 small habits for every day to boost brain power and to impove your knowledge.

  1. Minimize television watching (smart)
  2. Learn five new, unknown words before your breakfast (productive)
  3. Browse through a magazine, even an online-magazine (pleasant)
  4. Socialize with a friend, a colleague or a professional (appropriate)
  5. Buy, rent, or borrow audiobooks (entairtaining)



There are hundreds of habits to mention but those five, is a good start. It’s up to you 🙂

Feny 😉







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