“Intrusively Awkward”


Some times, some people are really curious with other people lives. Actually, they barged into our lives and they feel they have the right to do so. And what if, you made them believe they can? Have you ever wondered how naive and permissive you’ve been through? Have you ever reckon that, people touch the limits we display them? Actually, there are some kind of dudes who can’t recognize the do’s and dont’s, but the rest of them acknowledge the signs we radiate. In every day’s friction some relationships becoming misunderstood. You wanna love everyone loves you. You believe that they love you like you do, but the reallity is different. Though, completelly different!


All of what you were thinking of, seem akward in others eyes. And you are the abnormal. Suddenly, you are a stranger, someone unknown and even those, who used to know you, now they don’t. You are wondering if this was your fault, or if they have changed for some reason, or even if this was in front of your eyes, from the very begining, but you never payed attention. And now what? Are you gonna blame yourself for this cosmo – turn offs? Well, you can’t change the world, you can’t make people leave out their character, you can’t even make everybody understands you. But you surely can accept it just how it is. The only thing I can ask from you is “keep yourself up”. Be who you used to be, who you really are, who makes you feel great. Do not change just be unique. We are different, but that means not that we have to be the same. By nature, we can’t. Life is wonderful and short. Enjoy it. YOLO.

Feny ❤

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