Dinner, Appropriate and Necessary!


Today i was wondering of how your “plate diet” goes! Because in my case it absolutely works! Chatting with a friend about the “plate diet”  i’ve allready posted for you, she told me that every day she ends up eating at 19.00! If you will sleep at 21.00 it is okay! If you will not,  it is a huge mistake! Don’t you ever forget to eat your fifth meal! (eating routine) Never! At least three hours before sleep! We need to eat roughly every three – four hours and it really depends on when you had lunch. Dinner is necessary, even if many people decide to avoid it at all! Huge mistake and bad habit for them who prefer to eat not their dinner! We don’t thrive on one huge meal, and then nothing.


Now,  if the problem starts from what to eat in order to avoid gluttony, i actually have once again the best solution for you! Below, you will see in pictures, some tasty, delicious dinners to have,  while IT IS NOT your dirty day!

Enjoy them all and do not hesitate to ask for any advice!


I am sure you gonna love those tastes but there is a warning! Be careful with your portions as, it is dinner time and according to the “plate diet” you are counting calories! Eat less during the day, especially if you have a dinner date for tonight! I can’t wait to listen of your results!

Until my next post, style your muse and keep her stunning!

Feny ❤

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