The “plate diet”

From Greece with love ❤


Have a nice month my loves! Today is the day to goodbye winter and welcome spring! Great weather, positive attitude and the biggest smile, motivates us to do things and accomplish goals. Our next goal is, our new thin silhouette! I know you don’t like to count your portions but now i have the best solution for you, named “plate diet”.

Plate diet includes portions in a plate’s size that will help you remember how much of your favorite delicacy to eat! The main thing you have to keep in mind is “1200”. Calories of course! You will decide how to seperate the alimantation you want to savor, but always remember that you have to eat every 3 hours. There is not any limitation with food choices. The only limitation is with the portions. You will make your diet program as you like even if you want to have a dessert in a daily basis, but DON’T YOU EVER FORGET MY RULE! 200 calories per time you eat! So, that means that in a day routine you will eat 6 times every 3 hours. Don’t you ever avoid to drink as much water as possible because it is necessary and try to walk, 3 times per week for 30′ minutes. Of course you can drink your favorite glass of wine, or a glass of beer but this steals half of one, of your 6 eating meals. Furthermore as trimmings with alcohol  you’d  better prefer carrots and cucumber, known for their negative calories (you can also chew some carrot or cucumber sticks any time you feel really hungry!).

Be sure that the first week you will have a -2 klg weight loss at your first weighting but the 2nd week will be less (0.5-1.5 klg), so be careful with sweets and desserts and increase your walking minutes. Water is taken for granted!  My word of advice is to avoid sweets in the middle of week and have a “dirty day” on Sunday or Saturday where you can eat anything you like without counting calories. I mean anything! This trick will help you to deal with your weight loss goal.

So watch below, memorize the portions and start tomorrow! Good luck! 

foods of 200 calories

Furthermore, there are some more plate portions with 100calories which you can combine with other choices approximately. 

foods of 100 calories

Try this diet for one month and write me back for you weight loss success!

Until my next post Style your muse and keep her thin + stunning! 

Feny 😉


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