“Intrusively Awkward”


Some times, some people are really curious with other people lives. Actually, they barged into our lives and they feel they have the right to do so. And what if, you made them believe they can? Have you ever wondered how Continue reading ““Intrusively Awkward””


Dinner, Appropriate and Necessary!


Today i was wondering of how your “plate diet” goes! Because in my case it absolutely works! Chatting with a friend about the “plate diet”  i’ve allready posted for you, she told me that every day she ends up eating at 19.00! If you Continue reading “Dinner, Appropriate and Necessary!”

The “plate diet”

From Greece with love ❤


Have a nice month my loves! Today is the day to goodbye winter and welcome spring! Great weather, positive attitude and the biggest smile, motivates us to do things and accomplish goals. Our next goal is, our new thin silhouette! I know you don’t like to count your portions but now i have the best solution for you, named “plate diet”.

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