“Google takes care of our health and silhouette”

22096388_phone_food_1024_1434969274072.limghandlerRapid application development (RAD) is a software development methodology that uses minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping. A prototype is a working model that is functionally equivalent to a component of the product. Based on our daily life, focused on our easier life, prototype to have the more downloads it could possibly be. Google once again surprises us with this smart app named Im2Calories which  promises to take care of our silhouette. How? by counting our foods calories per picture! Im2Calories is a Google project that counts calories on Instagram photos. It is an algorithm that analyzes photos of food and counts the calories in them. The program could see a photo of bacon and eggs or burger with fries and sum up a number. The project uses visual analysis and patter recognition to determine how many calories a food item has, according to Kevin Murphy (research scientist at Google) which means that it analyzes the depth of each pixel in an image.

Picture it! You are ordering in a fancy restaurant. Your plate arrived, you are taking a picture 11401366_1621162118130084_3769609003958133509_nand finally you use the Im2Calories. It counts your calories and it seperates them into numbers on your plate. Like to Google app, the technology it said, uses image recognition to scan the photo and analyse the different components of your meal. The system is semi-autonomous. For instance, if it’s unable to accurately determine the exact type of food from the image, it will provide a drop down menu with a list of its best guesses.

  • Its image recognition system knows the ingredients being presented
  • App can work out the size of each piece of food in relation to the plate 
  • It then adds up exactly how many calories can be seen in the photo

Watch below.  


Im2Calories doesn’t require carefully captured high-res images. Any standard Instagram-quality shot should do. The point of Im2Calories isn’t to shame users with its shocking calculations of their daily food intake. This project could potentially help consumers be more conscious about what they’re eating and it could also help doctors and researchers use the data for studies. The algorithm could also potentially be integrated into Google’s products in the future. Finally this allows it to add up how many calories you’re eating, and in the future, may even tell you the food’s nutritional value.



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Until my next post, Style your muse and feed her healthily! 

Feny 😉

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