Curvy, Juicy, Stunning Ladies!


There is no weight requirement to being a beautiful woman. Curvy, chubby and plus sized, you’ve been blessed with your gorgeous curves; that hourglass shape!! The average size in the UK is a 16, 40% of French women and 45% of German women are also a size 16+. This body type can wear everything! As well as it makes you feel confident! You can highligth your waist and your best assets. What is more you can flaunt them with plunging necklines, open blouses, trench-style coats and jackets to show off your decollete 😉 you can also go for a dress that will cling in all the right places to show them off and you can put your legs on display. Why not!

Accept your body and your shape. In demand curvy girls have never been so sought-after. Balance your look out well and you can look fabulous. Remember, self-confidence is a big factor in sex appeal, so if you’re confident with your body, men will find it all the more sexy 😉

Tucked-in shirts, asymmetrical dresses with heels, belts that elongates legs and bring out waists, tailored shirts, blazers over boxy shirts, cuff long and long-sleeve shirts are some of the must have pieces for every woman and every season.

“My Golden Rule is never to hide your curves but to dress them up subtly”

Jeans Convenience

Loose Skirts and Dresses

Pencil Addicts

 Midi Dress Lovers

Lovely Pants & Office Styles

Celebrate “all” body types. There is beauty in “everyone” (and everything!). There’s beauty all around us; everywhere!

Until my next post, style your curvy muse and keep her stunning!

Feny 😉

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