“Google it” Dedicated


Years ago, actually not that many, nobody could ever believe that two school guys would have had the ultimate idea to create a search engine, a treasure – trove of information, smart and multitask, which would, one day include the whole humanity! Not even them! But now, glad we are, we can share knowledge through almost everywhere! We can gain knowledge in every corner of this planet.

We can find out an unknown word or meaning, the right way, how to reach the bus station and we can stay informed for everything happened on this earth. Every single moment! Actually out of space too! We can “google_translate_communicate” with any foreign-language speaker and we can meet each other easier than ever before, in our everyday life. Isn’t it magic?


Have you ever imagine of such an idea? It sounds crazy but it happens every second! Google is here, it has its own spot in any dictionary and its own definition, it has its space on the web, more specifically, it is the web itself and we can’t imagine ourselves without it! Everyone knows what “google it” means and everyone knows how to “google it”. There are so many cool guys working at google-backstage and nobody knows them, but this engine works non stop, 25hours per day and what is more it never sleeps and there is no day off for it! It actually made for us and it works for us! A huge empire and a sadden, university project – idea became the worlds appropriate tool! It seems like our older, wiser, versed brother! I’ve tried some times to become a member of this family, actually i failled four and i am still trying. I am sure it is worth trying and i ‘ll never loose my faith!


Try to think, how could your daily life be without Google, how different the world’s knowledge could be and how deep in the dark we would be of living 24 hours without it. Imagine of one google – day – off! What a massive distraction could be and how many years back, it could send us! Conceive of an uninformed society and illiteracy all around the globe!  Think of a life without something so clever, which accustomed to every period of time and every season. It informs us for every day’s happenings, it reminds us of “like today, 200 years ago” and it improves our lives day after day!

Keep it up Google team and Googlers! You are making our lives easier! I hope some day to join your team too! Use it wisely and don’t you ever forget! If you don’t have it Google it!!! 

~Feny~ ❤


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