Now you Know! For men & women


There are some daily habits, we have never thought that they can help us as much as some expensive machines, products or mixtures. Here are some of them, appropriate and necessary in their cost effective version evolutionary and trully helpful! Try them all! 


1. The best clearing elixir for smokers lungs only!  

Smoking kills you but its too hard for you to break this addiction. Leastwise, try to clean your lungs by removing the tar and toxins left behind by cigarettes. Apart from breathing better and taking your sense of taste back, it also helps reducing infections and even cancer. All you need is Ginger(known to remove mucus in the lungs and its healing powers), Onion(helpful for respiratory issues), Turmeric(one of the healthiest spices around with omega3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which can fight cancer and viruses as well.)

Try the elixir with:

400gr honey, 1 ginger root, 1 klg of onion, i lt water,  boil them all together but end up with  turmeric in low heat. While it cools, put it in the refrigerator. Take 2 tablespoons every morning before breakfast and 2 tablespoon 2 hours before your dinner.


2. How to smell great all day! Secret tip!

Our perfume reflects our personality and enhances our inner world. Our fragrance captures the essence of who we really are and we love to have compliments like “you smell great” after twelve working hours. So here is the best tip to keep your perfume on! 

All you need is your perfume and pure, fragrance_free vaseline. Put some on your neck fragrance_spots, on both wrist joints, on your near_neck backbones and spray the spots with your favorite perfume. Vaseline penetrates nad hydrates your skin in a smelly way, it stays on and you gonna love it! 


3. Boost your immune-system with the ultimate antibiotic “Oregano Oil”

In Greek the word oregano is translated  as joy of the mountains. The Greeks were first to use oil for medicinal purposes, such as a powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal agent and also as a remedy for pain, and inflammation. It was the main antibacterial tool used by Hippocrates. Oregano leaves were traditionally used to treat illnesses related to the respiratory and digestive systems. It is a powerful herb with unique healing properties. It has eight times more antioxidants than apples and three times as much as blueberries which are needed to protect our body against free radical damage. It nourishes the body and doesn’t deplete it of nutrients like conventional antibiotics do. And if you look at the statistics, people in the Mediterranean live longer for the most part. Maybe partly because of oregano which is added to most Mediterranean dishes! Adopt this habbit from now and on!


4.  “14” one _century_living,  nutritions

Devilling your food and eat andioxidant nutritions will help you live longer. Actually one century i think is enough, if healthy! So there are 14 foods full of protein, vitamins and  herbal oils, useful for our health.

So, live longer with:

1. Eggs 2. Goat milk 3. Fish 4. Tofu 5. Nuts 6. Beans 7. fresh fruit 8. Garlic 9. Srimbs 10. sea food 11. Brown rice 12. Hot pepper 13. Sweet potato 14. Leafy vegetables.

5.  1¾ walking miles a day for a 5 pound weight loss

Walking extra steps can help with weight loss. When men and women increased their activity by an average of 3,520 steps (just over 1¾ miles) throughout the day, they have had a 5 pound weight loss in a year without changing their eating habits. They also decreased dangerous belly fat by 12%. So add steps to your day by walking around the mall or grocery store before you begin shopping. At work by using a restroom on a different floor (i mean walking upstairs) and when running errands, park in the furthest spot in the parking lot. Feel healthier and watch your weight decreasing! 

Take care of yourself and keep fit!

Feny  ❤


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