My 1st Hooters-Restaurant experience!


A year ago I went to Washington DC as a tourist. After a long distance train travel with lots of journey delays and exhausted, we finally reached the hotel where a smiling face, kindly announced us that the kitchen was closed! Bad luck? Maybe not!

Usually in Athens, every restaurant is ready to welcome you even at 11 p.m. (if not the 24 hours open souvlaki corners). As I forgot my arrival in the US, wrong dressed, wearing high heels and my favourite brand new warm coat I was ready to find a place in order to feed my sturving self. After a lot of walking in the cold and fruitless efforts, we saw this huge neon lights “HOOTERS”.  Serving up fun from: 11:00a-1:00a and half prize appetizers late at night from 10 until close. Providing that this was the one and only solution we went there.


And I got socked! two more than, “cold_brave”  girls wearing almost nothing, welcomed us gently and asked how many for the table. I couldn’t get my eyes off of them! They seemed like real models (actually they are! as every year people vote for the “next miss hooters international”) with great flawless bodies wearing some kind of shorts pieces and a bomb_bra blouse_thing, perfect maked up faces, long, well designed nails and long hair extensions, seemed like it was the place’s policy! I was very shy to order when one of them came to us and gaves us details about catalogs tastes in such a comfortable and easy way. Actually, because of my embarassment I couldn’t even listen. I just looked the catalog with this blank stare. My brand new coat, my high heels and the posh attitude, got me think about turning back to the luxury hotel, take off all those unnecessary things and wear something more casual while my starvation disappeared. Hello! this is America! Surprisingly I ordered something fried,  I don’t know what, but the next waitress advised me to eat it with the hands. Actually she was right! I reluctantly aet the first piece with forks down and after the first bite, dining etiquette and table manners were not required. Neither my clothes nor the high heels were a matter any more. The football match everybody was looking at, on the huge screens (I guess a serious one as everybody was shouting) and the strange guys behind the servery weren’t that strange any more! (I am saying strange game, because football in Greece is plaing by foot!) Everything was normal to my eyes and I enjoyed my food. After their great kindness and their benign smile (1.5 hour later) we left  Hooters in a smily face and with the refilled glass of coke to our hands. It was the most non – European eating experience I ever had and it is worth, if not appropriate to visit Hooters while a tourist in US. I think it is one of the must visit sightseeings as it has a sense of Americans culture, cool, smiley, and easy going.

Be ready! Waitresses wear only the necessary!


Adopt their chillin style, taste everything has to do with food customs (meal etiquette) keep in mind that a good life is when you assume nothing and don’t forget that we only live once!

 YOLO  ~Feny 💋💘


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