“Future Glass Reality”

a day made of glass.png

Last semester in the field of computer science, i asked my students to give me their imagination’s future world picture. Some of them draw space cars, utensils and weird kitchen range, some draw air roads while others draw me “driver-less” public transportations something we’ve already seen in a city of Greece and Heathrow airport the last few months. To be honest those drawings were a big surprise to me, because their imagination is limitless and maybe this was a small part of what they will develop in the near future as “future techies”. Afterwords they saw the video below and they left mouth wide agap. In other words, speechless.

In our dreams science fiction is normal. Also in movies. In reality it sounds like a crazy myth, especially if someone claims that highly engineered glass will deliver extraordinary benefits to everyday products. Every surface in our house will be made of glass, touch sensitive, wireless connected to the internet (even our kitchen), our cars will recognizes us while we close the house door and welcomes us (pet-like) and many other crazy but more than useful glass inventions. Throughout history, materials have transformed society and culture. There was the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. This is the Glass Age. Where one material can change the world (corning).

Take a small taste of how your everyday life is going to be in less than 15 years and make your own conclusion.

Feny  😉

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