#Suspended_Coffee #Καφές Σε Αναμονή

Καφές Σε Αναμονή.png

Earlier this morning i watched a youtube video and my concern lied with the lack of social sensitivity, human relationships, authentic concern for others, social expressiveness and socially skilled behaviors in today’s life. I don’t know if life is unfair or not but we have to deal with it and change the things we can. I mean,  never give up and heal your pain before you set out to heal the world. However this is a different field to discuss and maybe we will, later. Life is strange and life’s responsibilities are too many. Social sensitivity is a big part of it and we have to teach the future adults that they have to help in order to be helped and love to be loved. Those days we are more sensitive, we love each other more than any period and we care a little bit more.

Suspended coffe is  an idea of ordering two instead of one. That means that every time you go for coffee, tea or any other beverage and snack you order a second one (or more) for whom who can’t afford the amount to buy it. So the shop owner write in a blackboard the quantity of offered drinks or food (suspended) and people can have something to eat as an alternative to money asking. Greek university students made this great video and the idea became reality! The story is well known in many different cities and in my opinion it is the least we can do for each other. We all can chip in.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” ~Mary Engelbreit

You never know!

Feny  🙂


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