New York City to London in 30 minutes!!!


It sounds crazy, isn’t it? Can you imagine taking the plane, actually earths-space-vehicle and reach London from New York city in 30 minutes? Rapid technological development runs 10 times the speed of sound and it runs faster than your thought! Actually, Charles Bombardier, invents “Skreemr” and according to his expectations 75 passengers per flight who are the “chosen people” as 75 is the capacity of its cabin, they will enjoy travelling the world in record time! Two rockets, four wings and the space aged design features a liquid oxygen-burning system, promises ten times the speed of sound and five times faster than the world famous Concorde jet! I know you don’t believe this rumor and that it seems a little far-fetched but if we think of the space craft inventions and all those spaceships travelling out of earth’s orbit, why not? Maybe we will wait for ages until facing this reality but, here’s to hoping that soon enough, we all travel in magnetically launched, supersonic, four-winged jets that run on compressing atmospheric oxygen to the point of combustion. Future is almost here! Bon Voyage!

Source CNN

Feny  🙂

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