Snowy Sugar Buns “Merry Christmas”

Every year, nearly Christmas we use to bake tasty, snowy, sugar buns. This recipe followed Christmas for decades as it is the ultimate symbol of these days. According to the reports it is a Christmas custom, older than the Christmas tree. Years ago every house use to bake those cookies as they could be hold out for many days and it was the best winter treat. Usually the first batch is never enough and always requires a second order.

Here you can find my own snowy_sugar buns recipe. It is very easy, quick and tasty!


Mixture (2)


6 tea cups plain flour

1 tea cup powdered sugar

8 ground walnuts

1/2 tea cup alcoholic liqueur

2 vanilla flavouring (powder)

500gr room temperature clarified butter or for vegans, margarine (vegetable fat)

Sieve the flour in a big bowl.  Mix the butter with sugar, liqueur, vanilla flavouring and the walnuts into the mixer bowl. put the mixture into the flour and knead the dough. Give the shape you like and put the cookies to a shallow baking dish. Bake for 15′ minutes to 180-190 (160deg C).


1. for moon shaped buns use a tube shape glass and use the half of its span to cut your dough.

2. for absolute kylinder shaped buns take a small glass and cut your dough with the whole span.

Place them as you like and finish with snowing  powered sugar. Easy! wasn’t it?


Good luck and Merry Christmas everybody!


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