Greek eating spree, Worth it!

Photo by Xanthi Tsouka.jpg

Watch but don’t cry! Just try and taste it. It is worth, worth, worth taking this risk!

Last Sunday one of my best friends Xanthi, has her birthday and this was the best excuse for another celebrating bringe. With the best idea on the table, after surprising her with a cheescake birthcake (another bringe) we desided to ride not that far from Athens and celebrate her birth-day with the ultimate Greek way! Eating until death!

This habit follows us the last 5 years! But, as we claim that we neither eat too much nor drink alcohol at all, we found ourselves speechless in front of this masterpiece! Yes, you tell me!

The Greek traditional Sunday lunch needs choriatiki salad, fries of course, the unique Greek tzatziki and Greek feta-cheese with olive oil, roasted or oregan-ated. Last but not least at all, steaks cooked directly on the coals and this was the final countdown! Red red wine more than appropriate and this tour was unforgetable!

eat to die photo by xanthi tsouka

As we, the Greeks, know how to celebrate, eat and drink better than anybody else on this planet try this (even if you are on a diet or not like me and my friends) to your next Sunday’s barbeque.

Happy Birthday my friend!

Like here nowhere!  #YOLO  😉


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