“Commando Sleep”


Okay, its winter and too cold to sleep naked (Actually not in Australia), but have you any idea of how good is for your health? Read this out 😉

Recent studies showed that it is very important to sleep in a cooller environment while your body’s temperature declines naturally. Being too warm can disrupt this process. Usually we sleep under heavy sleepware and blankets which is totally unhealthy. Pantless sleep helps you sleep much better and apart from that it can help you lose your belly fat! Why? As cortisol, the stress hormone, decreases while you sleep and in any disruption its levels goes high, your sugar levels and insulin in the blood increased and you need something sweet in the middle of night. Make your room temperature ideal for a naked, non disrupted sleep and no more belly fat. (one condition: bedroom far from kitchen).

Growth ormone and melatonine need low temperatures to make your face, your hair and body, look awesome. These two anti aging hormones work magical for you while sleeping naked. You feel more confident as you feel more sexy. Skin touch can boost pets relationship as skin- to – skin contact encourages sexier relationships and those are the happiest ones. It also helps you love yourself.

Try it on and find out yourselfs benefits, because no pants are the best pants!




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