“Make up” in Ancient world, which one typifies your personality?

Discrete make up, natural tones, sunny faces, fruity lips, shinning eyelashes, perfect shaped and colored limbs and smoothy skin. Characteristics of the ancient femina who loved to enhance her beauty. Flower nuts and roots has the magic blush color for every pale 

face. Berries for juicy lips, pine tar and egg white for natural shaply lashes, soot eye – blackeners, essential oils for body and hair, mastic for clean and shiny teeth and many other natural products where necessary for the ancient people beauty. Also tattoos, piercing and body painting had religious meaning and many populations used them. Through the ages make up and beauty treatments, became very popular and every generation has something new to share with us.

Ancient Greek women used essential oils and fruit nuts to make their perfumes. Their pale faces  (when not sun burned),  covered with magnolia rouge. They were ungenerous with eyes blackeners and their juicy lips was a must for their natural and beautiful make up. Τheir elaborate hairstyles were globaly known.

Ancient Roman women used to have heavy make up with strong eylines, passion red lip colors, black colored elbows and deep red rouge. Their great hair buns, their single plaits and their ringlets were very common. Roman baths were the first real beauty centers, were anybody could enjoy aesthetic treatments.

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Ancient Egyptian women had intense but harmonical use of colors and complex make up technique. Heavy black eyeliners gave a triangle shape around their eyes and they used green pigment for their eyelids. Their lip base was a deep brown or black color, covered with deep red lip pigments. Black rugs were very common and they were known for their cleanliness and  frequently baths. 


Indians used to paint their face and body with intense colors because it was an important part of their culture  and sign of social discrimination. They used roots, berries and tree bark. Every color had  a particular meaning. Red was the color of war, black the color of life and was worn during preparations for war, green enhance night vision and yellow was the color of death.Tatoos and body piercing were very common. 


Chinese geisha had a thick white base, red lipstic, red and black eyeshadow around the eyes and eyebrows. Initially , the white base mask was made with lead, but as they discovered that it poisoned skin and caused skin problems they replaced it with rice powder. Every age and every occasion has a different type of make up. 

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Nowadays, women no longer limited by fashion. We can make up our face, we can dye our hair and we can change our style occasionaly, daily, in any type, any tone and any way we love. Maybe today is the best make up period ever. Isn’t it?





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