“The real health treasure”


Original health food, nutritious and low fat, ideal for blood presure diet, weight loss benefitial, do you really want more? Historical accounts attribute yogurt to the Neolithic peoples of Central Asia around 6000 B.C.. From Isaac Carasso in 1919 Barcelona and Turkish immigrants who brought yogurt to North America, to its real popularity in the 50’s  and 60’s  when the the big boom happens and the health food culture is now available in many varieties to suit every taste. 


Loaded with vitamins and good bacteria in the digestive tract (probiotics), can help you recover faster after a workout, it keeps colds away and it is realy high-protein food. What is more, it may prevent high blood pressure, it can help you keep fit and it is the secret to flat abs. Also help to prevent osteoporosis and finally it is the Perfect Snack.

Tip of the day: “Yogurt face mask for more radiant skin”

3sp. Greek yogurt

3 droplets of olive oil

1sp. of honey

Mix, apply to face, leave on for 20′ minutes, rinse and pat dry.

Keep in mind that, the only probiotic – included yogurts, are those with the label “live and active cultures”. And don’t forget to taste it with a tablespoon of honey (of course).  😉


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