Evolutionary – Natural Physical Product


I promised you the second natural product -honey was the 1st- and here it is. The ancient beauty and skin care recipe known from Plato period is a fatty cream, made of two natural ingredients,

beeswax , and essential oils. Beeswax cream is a 100% natural ointment known from antiquity for cosmetic and medicinal abilities. It can be enriched with many vegetal and essential oils, depending on the properties we want to give it.  Some usually used essenses are, oliveoil, vitamin E, tea tree oil, aloe, chamomile, levanda, mastic and many other herb oils. It can be used for babies sensitive skin, for any inflamation, for scalds and muscular pains.


Here are some types and their cure.

1) Beeswax for skin diseases

Ingredients: pure beeswax, St. John’s wort oil, chesnut honey, propolis. Perfect for any type of skin disease such as dry skin, burns, chilblains, cracks, fissures, itching, cuts, eczema, fungal infections and healing wound. Antiseptic, anti – inflammatory, antimicrobial activity.

2) Beeswax for muscle aches

Ingredients: pure beeswax, St. John’s wort oil, chestnut honey, propolis, sunflower oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, oil of sage. Ideal for massage areas of the body where there is muscle pain, relieves pain of cervical disease and back – waist pain and pain of rheumatoid arthritis-tendinitis.

3) Beeswax for cold

Ingredients: pure beeswax, St. John’s wort oil, chestnut honey, sunflower oil, camphor and propolis. Ideal for rub for colds and for inhalation for colds.

4) Beeswax for facial hydration

Ingredients: pure beeswax, propolis, chesnut honey, St. John’s wort oil, sunflower oil, fresh pollen, milk. Perfect for all skin types and any age, it gives shine and vitality to tired and very dry skin. Visibly reduces spots and dark eye circles. Ideal for the area under the eyes.

5) My favorite one,  Beeswax for burns, cuts, wound healing and more

Ingredients: propolis tincture, beeswax, almond oil, shea butter, St. John’s wort oil, essential oils, chamomile oil, cypress and lavender. Suitable for skin regeneration, burns, cuts, wound healing and more. One of the basic ingredients propolis , has antioxidant properties and helps on the regeneration of damaged cells and also acts locally as an antiseptic. It heals injuries and purulent wounds.

Also there are many more for: massage, insect bites, headache, migraine, and general use with different oil essentials and fragrances. It is a value for mone product, you can easily find it online or you can make it by yourself. Use it all over the face (eyes zone too) every night and write me back!


Things to remember and NEVER avoid

  1. The above information is not medical advice
  2. Do not stop any other medical care recommendations without doctoral advise.



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