Mellow-Macaroni, what?


Hello everybody!

Today its Nichola’s nameday in Greece.  Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of Greece, where he is the protector of sailors and seamen. At Christmas, small fishing boats honor St. Nicholas, especially in the islands, with decorations of blue and white lights. Tradition says that his clothes are soaked with brine, his beard always dripping with seawater, and his face covered with perspiration because he has been fighting storms to reach sinking ships and save men from drowning. Greek ships carry an icon of St. Nicholas, as he is regarded as master of wind and tempest. Sailors light a candle before the icon, praying for safe passage. This big celebration symbolizes Christianity. Every 6th of December we decorate the centerpiece of our home “the tree”  we bake spicy christmas cookies in syrup
named “melomakarona” (mellow-macaroni) and even if its real name sounds funny, every house in Greece this period, has melomakarona which is an egg-shaped Greek dessert made mainly from flour, olive oil, and honey (honey is everywhere!). This traditional dessert prepared primarily during the Christmas holiday season. I don’t know why the name is “mellow- macaroni”,  but no matter how we call it it is delicious! taste it and write me back!  I woked up this morning and i found them sur la table! voila and bon appetit! 😉



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