Greek_Muse’s flu tips


Have you seen the new winter – summer period out there? Actually i did and even if my clothes are not that summer_inspired with a winter jacket over shoulders, i got that damn cold! And i am lying on bed for 5 days waiting for the cure! NOT! here it is another massive health tip that will blow your health up to the sky! Almost near the empire state building! Why not for a coffee or tea! Anybody to follow me? so, watch this out.

Have you ever heard for the Mountain Greek Tea? Actually, every summer, my father and i used tο collect the best tea herbs for the upcoming cold winter! where is it actually?

The tea is Greek, the herb oil is salutary and with 3 cups per day for three days you will fly high to the sky! The secret ingredient, of course is the Fir Honey! Another plus in tea is that it helps you lose some extra pounds when you are on a diet, and it gives you the needed caffeine when you are in a Homeopathic recovery process.  Try it and write me back!


Things to remember and NEVER avoid

  1. Pregnant women do not allowed to drink herbs, you better ask your doctor first.
  2. Don’t boil herbs more than two minutes
  3. After boil the tea wait for 3 -4 minutes to emit its fragrance herb oil and ensemble, est prêt!
  4. One honey sp., some fresh lemon and whiskey droplets is another magic daddy’s trick for the cough.

Stay tuned for my next Evolutionary physical product and don’t hesitate to ask me whatever you like!

Until then… style your muse and keep her stunning!


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