Golden – Grey the new trend

For every winter, there is a new hot_season, make up_trend. Ispired from Paris, New York, London and Milan fashion week runways, red hot lips, out of line eye shadows and eyeliners, blush rush, heavy metal, shadow play and 50 shades of gold-grey tones are some 2015’s winter faves. One of my most favorites is the gold-grey shadow. This gorgeous mixture of two tone shadows gives a metallic chic eye make up that you gonna love!


Things to remember and NEVER avoid

  1. Apply a brown-black cream pencil on the upper and lower eyeline to frame the gaze.
  2. Mascara more than necessary, apply at the base of lashes and curl the brush outwards for extra volume.
  3. Try a yellow – brown  matte lipstick. It will make even your busiest days and nights beautiful.


Try it up and write me back


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