Dedicated to your face, No more spots & acne

meli_kai_kanela-649x300Your face is unique, do you really know that your kitchen has the very solution for your soul’s mirror? Here is my first secret only for you!!


We used to feel that ugly, while acne scars or spots are over there and they never leave. Or when our face skin seems tired and dull. No more!! I have some great news for you and the solution whispers from your kitchen’s pantry! I am sure you love it and you used to eat it in your early teen age with a spoon (actually we need it too). Honey, thats right! Globally known for its healing attributes, we use it while we get a cold and it is heavy blow antidepressant. My grandma used to feed me a small quantity of it every morning.  Your face needs it immediately!

Here is the magic anti – spot, revitalizing recipe! 

1 spoon

1 plate

1 sp. fir honey

1 sp. keylane cinnamon powder

Thats it! You mixed the two recipients to create a sticky mass. You wash your face with tepid water and soap to remove any makeup or generally to clean up your face and make it ready for the masque. You dry it smoothly with a towel and then you use the mass on your face. Do not forget to avoid the “around the eyes zone” and be more generous with your nose and chin. Leave it up for 5-6 minutes and do a smooth massage for 1 more minute to all your face.  After one more minute wash out again with tepid water. Put on some moisturizing cream and sweet dreams!

Things to remember and NEVER avoid

  1. Do the allergy test! Before using this masque, make a small quantity of it and use it behind your ear. Leave it for 1 minute. If nothing happens you are ready for the healing masque! If an irritation occured do not use it at all! Usually people are allergic in cinnamon, not in honey.
  2. Use it twice a week
  3.  Only at nights!
  4. Do not wait more than 7 minutes as, cinnamon has burning attributes!
  5. After washing out you may become a lil red but it is usual and it will calmed down after using the moisturizing cream
  6. These bio – product face tricks, are not a therapy or any absolute skin cure. But they can also help you, to help your skin issues.

Stay tuned for my next Evolutionary physical product, Known from Plato period for its beneficial use! and don’t hesitate to ask me whatever you like!

Until then… style your muse and keep her stunning!



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